Australian Farmers Can Now Make A Huge Impact On Fresh Produce

Thanks to SOC Exchange and the Sydney wholesale markets, greengroceries that are associated with the markets in Sydney are now able to set up their very own online internet stores as well as publish and send out emails promoting their store and they have the opportunity to advertise their special offers, publish recipes, reviews, messages, and publish blogs as well as provide free listings.

Greengrocers via the alliance retailers can now also sell unlimited produce and products which will only cost a $10 flat rate per annum with no additional charges and no commissions. This means that SOC Exchange has now provided the greengrocers a low cost platform to form a presence online. The highest record levels have now been reached with regards to imported vegetables into Australia according to the new statistics released.

Studies revealed that in 2012 to 2011 Australia imported vegetables to the value of $651 million and the export value was only $265 million which left a $386 million trade deficit. However in comparison to four years prior, this trade deficit has risen by $151 million. Most of the produce came from China during 2010 and 2011 which were mainly frozen vegetables. The origin of produce entering Australia is from USA, China, Italy and New Zealand to date. The Ausveg national awards are now being sought after for excellence in Australian fresh produce this year. These national awards will emphasize on outstanding achievements and success of the fresh produce industries most successful farmers, the supply chain across businesses and researchers of which is supporting in conjunction with other organizations.

The award categories for 2012 include young grower of the year, industry recognition award, grower of the year, industry impact award, environmental award, rising star of the year, women in horticulture award, researcher of the year, productivity partner award and innovative marking award. In addition concepts may be added such as the junior master chef franchise which involves the children and their experience and understanding of food issues. Due to the decline and interest of secondary age children not cooking and the trend not reaching this age group, these awards are being used as an incentive.

In comparison to five years back, research has revealed that children aged 11 to 15 their cooking involvement has decreased and the numbers not wanting to cook has doubled. Studies have revealed that more interest must be created for children’s in order to increase their interest in food preparation long term. For Australian farmers that have an interest in making a difference in the farming of fresh produce then they should join this worthy program.

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