Agriculture Sector – The Backbone of Indian Economy

Agriculture has been backbone of Indian economy sine ancient times. Agriculture has been basic occupation for Indian people. Near about 70 percent of population in India is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood. Plenty of fertile land is available in India. Fertile land is favorable for production of fruits, crops, minerals etc. Farmers take care of entire process of agriculture like sowing seeds, harvesting crops, watering, etc. The equipments used for plough, tractor, bullocks etc. Nowadays farmers are using modern technologies and equipments for agriculture purpose.

India is well known for its agriculture knowledge. People from different places come here to study agriculture science. Maximum revenue is generated from agriculture sector in India. Farmers in India are well soil, land fertility, quality of seeds, etc. Farmers have knowledge about what to produce and when. In recent past number of poor farmers are committing suicide due to improper cultivation and loss in the field. Government has introduces several schemes and concessions to farmers. Government is also providing education to farmers about how to increase the productivity of land. Initially farmers used the fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds un-proportionally which reduces the productivity of land. Now government is taking care that farmers are educated properly about every activities in farming. Government is taking-care that farmer’s receive good return from their cultivations.

In present scenario there are many places in India where agriculture is not given importance. People fail to understand the importance of this sector. Very few people select this field as career or occupation. In India farmers are manipulated by middlemen’s. They just look for commissions and income for themselves but forget the hard work of farmers. Even today in some places farmers are exploited by the landlords. The revenues from agriculture sector have increased after introduction of modern technologies in farming. Now government is also taking several measures to improve this sector. Many changes and improvements are required to increase the revenue generated from this sector.

In small region of India the system of landlords still exists. Farmers take loans from the landlords but fail to return it as less revenue is generated. As a penalty the landlords capture or takeover the land of farmers. Some of the drawbacks in Indian agriculture are improper irrigation facilities, scarcity of essential commodities, and low financial ability of farmers, non availability of quality seeds, fertilizer and chemicals. The result of these entire drawbacks is backwardness of agriculture in India. Considering the serious issued in agriculture sector government is taking several measures to improve the productivity of agriculture sector.

Rethinking the Future of Farming

Today, 400 leading food security experts from 35 countries announced that the world is setting up for a “perfect storm” of increased food demand and dwindling supply. The result will be a devastating amount of people suffering from malnutrition and hunger.

The warning was delivered in a report released by the British Government’s Foresight Programme. The report, entitled “The Future of Food and Farming,” warns of the continuing demands of population growth (which is expected to exceed 8 billion in 20 years). It emphasizes the need to rethink efforts to end hunger now.

It is necessary to revitalize moves to end hunger. Greater priority should be given to rural development and agriculture as the driver of broad-based income growth, and more incentives provided to the agricultural sector to address issues such as malnutrition and gender inequalities.

Though the warnings were dire and the call to action urgent, there was also good news. That news came from a continent more often associated with famine rather than positive food production. The experts assessed 40 success stories from sub-Saharan Africa. They indicated that the spread of existing best practices could treble food production in that region. More detailed information on these success stories is due to be published in the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability in February 2011.

Planet Aid is proud to have been assisting sub-Saharan farmers in increasing sustainable crop production and raising their income. We have been supporting these farmers through a program known as Farmers’ Clubs. he program creates momentum within rural communities toward positive productive change that decreases poverty and increases food security.

For example, more than 12,000 farmers in Malawi have participated in Farmers’ Clubs since 2006, and more than half (nearly 8,000) of these participants were women. The program has been operating in the districts of Chiradzulu, Zomba, Lilongwe, and Dowa. An independent evaluation conducted in 2009 showed that the program increased average production by 250%, annual cash income by 120%, and access to irrigation by 280%.

Planet Aid is working to expand the model of Farmers’ Clubs across the entire nation of Malawi and elsewhere in the region, and is seeking support in that effort so that more may share in the bounty.

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Select The Best Grow Lights For Your Garden

There is no denying on the fact that when you engage to indoor gardening, light is considered as a major factor for the process. And for this purpose indoor lighting has been used over the years. Before this, high intensity discharge system is being in this regard. But nowadays, majority of individuals prefer LED grow lights. Here are some of its benefits when it comes to using this kind of light especially in the case when you have already decided to grow your plants in a hydroponics garden. Some pointers are also included that you should think about whenever you buy these kinds of lights which are easily available in the market.

There has been a long debate when it comes making a choice between HID and LED. And if you want to compare the features of two, here are main positive aspects that you can know about the two.

There are plenty of other rewards which one can get whenever he or she uses LED lights. Now you can easily get some important tips and recommendations if you buy this lighting system with the help of internet.

It is advisable to go for larger LED’s.

One should consider his control on the light that reaches directly to the hydroponic plants and grow tents. The blue light is necessary during the vegetative growth on the other hand red light is considered as essential during the flower and fruit growing stage. Hence, one just has to invest more for these LED lights that will offer you with the above benefits and features.